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Little White Goat Cheese has been in business for 5 years, making award-winning cheeses using goat milk from our own dairy goat herd.

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Company Little White Goat Cheese

Product Dairy products


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Little White Goat Cheese also use local camel milk and have created a world-first organic camel milk feta, with another feta made using using buffalo milk.

I provide cheese to many high-end restaurants in the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane and a number of local IGA stores buy my cheeses.

I am Safe Food Queensland approved.

This year I won a number of Gold Medal Awards at the Royal Exhibition in Brisbane.

I create all of my cheeses on our farm in Wamuran in a Safe Food Approved kitchen, meaning no food miles and the freshest produce possible.


  • Persian Goat Feta
  • Organic Camel Milk Feta
  • Buffalo Feta
  • Marinated Buffalo Feta