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Lockyer Valley Popcorn Company (LVPC) is a fourth-generation family-owned certified organic farm.

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Company Lockyer Valley Popcorn Company

Product Snack foods

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LVPC produces and packages organic popcorn either as a kernel with oil and flavour sachets for the home cook, or fully popped and flavoured ready to eat.

The LVPC brand is “Wokpop” and has been created as a heathier snack alternative. Wokpop is a handcrafted, high end, boutique, artisan flavoured product, made from plant-based, allergen-free ingredients.

Wokpop flavours are continually moving away from the expected popcorn flavours and have recently launched two new flavours, Peking Duck and Butter Chicken.

Wokpop delivers on taste. It is the perfect match for movies, football and beer and also for the health conscious – real food, allergy-free, vegan, low-salt, no sugar and good fats.


Wokpop flavours are:

  • Chicken
  • Butter Chicken
  • Peking Duck