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Metiisto is Australia’s most awarded chocolate factory. We began life as a Swedish company in 2011 and relocated to Australia in 2018.

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Company Metiisto Artisan Chocolate

Product Snack foods

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We pride ourselves on making some of the world’s best chocolate 100% in-house at our Toowoomba factory using a blend of old world and modern methods.

All the cocoa we use in our production is ethically sourced and higher than fair trade prices are paid. We also only use Australian, nuts, milk, fruit and sugar in our production.

We make chocolate that is ethical and of a very high quality at the same time for chefs and the general public.


  • Australia’s best small producer RASV 2019
  • International rising star AOC 2019
  • Five gold medals RASV 2019
  • Best in class RASV 2019
  • Gold AOC 2019


  • Chocolate bars
  • Couverture chocolate (for chefs)
  • Chocolate-coated Australian nuts
  • Drinking chocolate
  • Private label chocolate