Microba is a microbial genomics company which provides clients with access to cutting-edge technology to analyse the gut microbiome. Using advanced metagenomic sequencing, Microba delivers a deeper understanding of the microbiome.

Company details

Company Microba

Service Biotechnology


Microba uses one of the most advanced sequencing technologies, metagenomics, to advance our understanding of how the human microbiome influences health and disease.

We use strict end-to-end processing standards to ensure our clients receive accurate, thorough and timely information. Microba provides its service to individuals, healthcare professionals, clinical trials and researchers to investigate the gut microbiome and its links with health and disease.

Microba is taking a ‘big data’ approach, combined with targeted investigation, to create life-enhancing healthcare products.

Our offering

Direct to consumer

Individuals receive a detailed overview of the microorganisms inhabiting their gut and insight into what those microorganisms might be doing – such as producing beneficial or disease-promoting compounds. This information can provide insight into overall gut health. Personalised dietary suggestions to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria  are also included.

Microba Insight™ is the only test in Australia that provides consumers with the whole picture of their gut microbiome. While other services use 16S rRNA testing, which sequences only a small part of a single bacterial gene, Microba uses metagenomics, which sequences all genes from the microorganisms in a sample.

Microba offers the Future Insights Program, which provides the opportunity for individuals to contribute their data to fuel large-scale population research on understanding the relationship between the microbiome, health and disease.

Research and development

The Microba Discovery Platform provides an end-to-end sequencing service from provision of Microba’s validated sampling kit through to metagenomic sequencing and bioinformatic data analysis.

Microba is building collaborations with leading research groups across the globe to advance the discovery and development of novel diagnostics and therapeutics using the Microba Discovery Platform.