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Microba is a microbial genomics company that gives consumers access to cutting-edge technology to analyse their individual gut microbiome. Using advanced metagenomic sequencing, Microba gives both practitioners and consumers a deeper understanding of the gut microbiome. Microba is based at the world-renowned Translational Research Institute in Brisbane (TRI).

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Microba uses world-leading metagenomic sequencing and bioinformatic analysis to advance understanding of how the human gut microbiome may influence health and disease. Located on the third floor of the TRI, Microba’s state-of-the-art laboratories use the latest sequencing and liquid-handling technology. By the end of 2019, they had processed more than 10,000 samples from clients around the world.

Microba’s groundbreaking work has attracted interest from both media and government, and Microba representatives have participated in international events such as TIQ’s program at the California Life Sciences Institute and the BIO 2019 Conference in Philadelphia with the Queensland Government delegation.

Microba is looking forward to further technological advancement as the company continues its relationship with TRI.


Microba provides its gut microbiome analysis service to individuals, healthcare professionals and researchers to explore the gut microbiome and possible links with health and disease states. Microba uses strict end-to-end processing standards to ensure clients receive accurate, thorough and timely information.

In July 2018, Microba launched its first consumer product, the Microba Insight™ home-testing kit, becoming the first Australian company to offer metagenomic gut microbiome analysis to the public.

Since that time, over 600 healthcare practitioners have completed training with Microba and are using the Insight™ test in their practice. Additional products using Microba’s high-quality gut microbiome analysis have been developed through partnerships in Australia and the USA. Microba’s analysis services are also being used in high-impact research projects with Australian companies, academic institutions, healthcare departments and sporting teams.

Researchers at Microba are also using Microba’s extensive database of de-identified data paired with health and lifestyle information to develop new therapeutics and diagnostics. They are currently focusing on inflammatory bowel disease. These activities are helping Microba achieve its mission of developing life-changing healthcare products.