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Mort & Co is a proudly Queensland brand founded in 1843 by brothers Thomas and Henry Mort, who pioneered Australia’s meat, wool, dairy and sugar industries and were the first to export refrigerated beef to the world.

The modern Mort & Co is Australia’s largest privately-owned and most experienced lot fed cattle management and marketing company, and a leading exporter of premium quality beef.

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Company Mort & Co

Product Premium quality beef - Phoenix Beef

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Mort & Co boasts a well-established vertical integration in the beef industry including cattle procurement, transportation, farming, lot feeding, beef processing and marketing and its fully integrated supply chain, backed by independent Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading, ensures a consistent supply of superior beef product trusted around the world.

Mort & Co manages three feedlots across the eastern states of Australia, including the country’s largest feedlot based in South East Queensland, with a combined annual turnover in excess of 200,000 head of cattle.


Launched in 2015, Mort & Co’s Phoenix range is carefully crafted to deliver a consistently flavoursome beef product of exceptional eating quality and tenderness.

Sourced from Australia’s finest Wagyu cattle herds, Phoenix offers the world’s finest marbled beef, grain-fed for up to 400 days with specially formulated rations, using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest nutritional science for slow maturation.  This hormone-free Wagyu beef is in demand by chefs and boutique retailers around the globe.

The premium Grandchester brand marbled beef is individually selected from heritage breeds including Angus, Shorthorn and Speckle Park, that are raised, fed and certified to meet European Union requirements.  Grain fed for up to 200 days on our exclusive slow cooked, 100% hormone-free cereal diet, Grandchester provides a unique and pleasurable old world flavour.

Company value proposition

As a leading Australian beef producer, the success of the Phoenix Beef Range is based on three key philosophies: providence, integrity and service.

Its dedicated team offers “Trusted Australian Beef” with strong support to its partners.

Company/product certifications:

  • Free of hormone growth promotants
  • MSA graded – an approved USDA Process Verified Program
  • USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service approved
  • European Union accredited
  • Halal certified
  • Raised on pastures, finished on feed

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The Phoenix Beef box

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