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With a new organisation implementing its software every six minutes, Opmantek is considered the fastest growing business software company in the world.

The business has been delivering downloadable network management and IT audit software systems since 2010. Opmantek software is now used in more than 100,000 organisations in 130 countries.

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Company Opmantek

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Opmantek develops highly scalable software used by IT operations teams around the world to audit, discover and manage IT infrastructure. Essentially the software tells IT teams what is connected to their network, detects faults, measures performance and predicts future faults and performance.

2015 Premier of Queensland Export Award WinnerThe software is used to manage and audit thousands of complex IT environments including some of the world’s largest telecommunications carriers, managed service providers, banks and government departments and is particularly popular in the emerging network automation, Internet of Things and cloud management markets.

The multi award-winning company beat Dell to be voted America’s favourite systems management product at the 2015 American Business Awards.

Opmantek won the Information and Communications Technology Award in the 2015 Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards.