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Our Eco Clean manufactures innovative premium packaged cleaning products based on Australian botanical essential oil and targeted at the eco-friendly and health conscious consumer. Our market research suggests our products will have broad consumer appeal in the US market, particularly California and the Pacific North West.

Company details

Company Our Eco Clean

Product Environmentally-friendly cleaning products


Our Eco Clean logoOverview

Founder Kym Smith created Our Eco Clean out of necessity:

  • necessity for sanity upon entering motherhood
  • necessity for her family’s health
  • necessity for financial security
  • necessity to improve the community and the planet.

Our Eco Clean is a well-established, reputable Australian private company manufacturing natural cleaning products using Australian botanical essential oils.

Passionate about the health of the planet, Kym is teaching her children and Our Eco Clean’s valued customers that we all have a role to play in protecting our health and the health of our environment. With Our Eco Clean, cleaning is no longer a chore. The lovely Australian bush fragrance that lingers long after the cleaning is done provides a real incentive to keep a clean environment.

The company’s goal is to remove nasty chemicals from family homes, so its attractively-packaged cleaning products are designed to make this statement and be proudly displayed in the home.

Our Eco Clean has retail distribution throughout Australia via Australia’s IGA supermarkets and key organic and natural product retailers. In 2016, the company began its global exports with New Zealand and is planning for US market entry.

Company value proposition

Our Eco Clean’s value proposition is providing cleaning products for homes that are not harmful to your family or the environment, and which actually work.

Its market research has confirmed its key product differentiation which includes:

  • The use of Australian botanicals including lemon myrtle (which is the Australian environment’s very own antibacterial weapon), which has a beautiful uplifting fragrance and potent citral content compared to other citrus-based natural cleaners on the US market.
  • Products use 100% pure essential oils which create a lingering clean and refreshing fragrance throughout the home.
  • Products are expected to qualify for USDA certification.

Our Eco Clean BiCarb Cream Cleanser

Our Eco Clean Multi purpose spray