Red wax-tipped Eco Bananas


Pacific Coast Eco Bananas was founded in 1999 near Innisfail, in the heart of Queensland’s banana growing region.

Company details

Company Pacific Coast Eco Bananas

Product Organic bananas



Founders Frank and Dianne Sciacca developed a unique farming method that has reduced the use of chemicals to zero.

Helping set their product apart, Frank and Diane developed a distinctive trademark – the ‘wax tip’ so that buyers could easily recognise their fruit. The red tipped banana is a sweeter, creamier and better quality banana that is now renowned throughout Australia.

Pacific Coast Eco Bananas are a great opportunity to meet the growing consumer demand for organic produce. Customers will always know what they are buying when they purchase the ‘wax tip’ banana. Pacific Coast Eco Bananas are consistent in taste, flavour and shelf life which is attributed to a precise growing protocol – a guarantee to customers that product quality and taste will always be consistent.