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QCamel, Australia’s premium supplier of Certified Organic camel milk products is owned and run by the Brisbane Family and our dedicated team on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

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All stories are a journey and our journey to establish the QCamel Dairy we live for today began in 2006. Passionate about camels, Director Lauren Brisbane completed a two-year study on the development of the camel industry in Queensland (Camels in Queensland: Opportunities for Diversification, 2009).

Lauren’s research led to our family to the camel industry and before long we became proud founding members of the Australian Camel Industry Association (ACIA). ACIA works with the camel business community, Indigenous communities, government and non-government organisations to regulate and develop the camel industry in Australia.

QCamel was the first dairy to produce premium pasteurised camel milk in Australia and we are proud to bring you quality camel milk products including fresh and dried milk, feta cheese, handmade chocolates, smoothies and yoghurt, as well as a newly released camel milk skin care range and soaps.

Our camel milk products are available Australia wide, a nutritious wholefood that is produced with the highest ethical and organic standards, with the welfare and health of our camels at the forefront of our farming practices.


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