Lamingtons on a plate


Quality Desserts was proudly started in Queensland in the early 1990’s by a father and son team. The company has now built a customer base that includes major retailers, food-service providers, manufacturers and overseas distributors.

Company details

Company Quality Desserts

Product Baked goods

Phone +61 7 4659 1777


From its Toowoomba bakery site, Quality Desserts produce a large range of sweet baked products, including lamingtons, cupcakes, muffins, mud cakes, carrot cakes, plum puddings, shortbreads and fruit pies.

The company is now a leading brand in the Australian baked goods industry, with products found throughout Australia and overseas. Quality Desserts holds BRC food safety accreditation, and also does contract manufacturing for major Australian and overseas clients, which now makes up the single largest part of its business.

The company exports its products through supermarket chains in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, and distributed through several airlines, including Emirates and Air New Zealand.