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Sang Ha is the founder of Sang S.O.S (Save our Skin) Recovery Balm. Sang is a skin expert, with over 30 years of hands-on experience working closely in treating various skin conditions in her own centre.

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Company Sangs Natural Products

Product Skin care range


Sang Skincare started nearly 30 years ago, in a desperate search for something to treat and heal her severe acne.

In this quest, her hero product The Recovery Balm was created, but little did she know then all the amazing benefits of her creation.

The invention of her formulation is now patent pending as a method of treating inflammation and promoting wound healing.

Sang Recovery Balm is now becoming a household name and is being used by entire families as a form of natural remedy for all types of mishaps and is stored in many kitchens and travel bags as part of a first aid kit.

Sang S.O.S. Skincare Collection is a medicinal plant-powered skin care, based on the philosophy of aromatherapy and herbal medicine which has been successfully used in Eastern and Western countries since ancient times.

There are now many stories of how the Sang Recovery Balm has helped so many people and with all different skin conditions and types.