Simtars is Queensland Government-owned with direct links to other government departments such as mines and gas inspectorates.

Company details

Company Simtars

Service Manufacturing support


Simtars provides many services to domestic and international customers on a fee-for-service basis. These services are all focused on the same goals – enhancing the knowledge, skills and capabilities required to:

  • strengthen mine safety and health in Queensland
  • respond capably and efficiently should emergencies or disasters unfold.

This model has been designed to leverage Simtars’ spare capacity and aids in offsetting the cost to industry in maintaining emergency response.

Its courses are delivered by industry experts and incorporate advanced virtual reality technology and practical learning environments to enhance learning outcomes

Product/service offering

Provision of occupational safety technology and services to the mining, gas and petroleum industries in the areas of:

  • mine Safety Management Systems training
  • mine gas monitoring systems
  • occupational hygiene services.

Current/future export markets

India, Turkey, South America, Indonesia and Canada