VAST Bioscience


Vast Bioscience Pty Ltd is a privately owned biotechnology company established to exploit a proprietary technology platform called VAST (Versatile Assembly on Stable Templates) through:

  • internal discovery programs focused on unmet medical needs in pain and antibacterials
  • technology partnerships with pharma and biotech.

Company details

Company VAST Bioscience

Service Biotechnology

VAST technology allows for the rapid and simple synthesis of complex 3D-molecules on multiple structurally diverse scaffolds, resulting in drug-like molecules that sample a broad range of complex molecular shapes found in nature.

Drugs developed with more 3D-complexity deliver superior specificity with higher chances of safety in the clinic. This matches pharma’s needs, as exemplified by existing collaborations and our internal pain program in which a non-opioid preclinical candidate has been identified for the treatment of pain. Dosed orally, the candidate fully reverses pain in an in vivo model of post-surgical pain and in a head-to-head comparison outperforms the current lead in Phase 3 development.

Our offering

The proposition is for investment into VAST Bioscience to achieve the following goals:

  • Firstly, we propose to advance our pain program to the end of a Phase 2 clinical trial, to be best-in-class and to match the large unmet medical need in the pain market.
  • In addition, we plan to identify back-up candidates from the existing five VAST lead series.
  • We also plan to expand the VAST screening libraries through exploiting the proven synergies between VAST technology and DNA-encoded library technology, thereby providing unprecedented access to billions of 3D molecules. We will continue to apply our existing and new libraries to a broad range of targets through partnerships with pharma.

In addition, Vast Bioscience has several early drug discovery successes in the form of identified VAST hits and leads, which we plan to progress to the clinic, and which will add to a growing pipeline offering real solutions to unmet medical needs.