Virginia Greville with graduates

TIQ CEO Virginia Greville with graduates Kristine de Bever, Kristen Czyszek and Chelsea Jacka.

Queenslanders’ skills in international business are being developed through a new program that sends small businesspeople and university graduates on unique overseas placements.

The Future Leaders program will see participants working on an international business project in one of TIQ’s overseas offices for periods ranging from 2 weeks to 1 month.

It aims to help Queensland’s small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) develop the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in global markets, and to foster the state’s next generation of international business leaders.

The inaugural round of the program has just commenced, with 5 Queensland SMEs receiving a placement in one of TIQ’s offices, along with $7,000 to support their costs while overseas.

The following businesses will be sending staff to a TIQ office in coming months:

  • Clean Oil Services Pty Ltd (Townsville) – TIQ Santiago
  • Scorpion Jacks International (Townsville) – TIQ Santiago
  • Nichigo Connections Pty Ltd (Gold Coast) – TIQ Tokyo
  • Inkerman Cane Growers Organisation Limited (Burdekin) – TIQ Tokyo
  • Tritium (Brisbane) – TIQ Shanghai.

All participating SMEs are either export-ready or already exporting.

The program will also send 4 graduates from Queensland universities to spend a month in a TIQ office between October and December this year to undertake research and gain experience working overseas.

TIQ Hong Kong and Santiago will host 1 graduate each, while TIQ Shanghai will host 2 graduates. Participating graduates are:

  • Rachael Ross – TIQ Hong Kong
  • Kristine de Bever – TIQ Santiago
  • Chelsea Jacka – TIQ Shanghai
  • Kristen Czyszek – TIQ Shanghai.

All participating graduates have an interest in international business and language capabilities for the relevant local market.

Applications for the 2019 Future Leaders program are expected to open early next year.

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The Future Leaders program is among the 22 initiatives included in the Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022.