Cross-cultural ecommerce is just one of the topics on the agenda at the upcoming Get Set and Go Global! workshop in Brisbane on 27 February.

Specialists in ecommerce, intellectual property, finance, distribution, pitching and more will speak at the workshop, which is for both experienced and beginner exporters.

CEO of 2M Language Services Tea Dietterich will share her secrets for increasing online visibility in international markets.

Ms Dietterich said businesses wanting to maximise global sales should seriously consider translating online content and tapping into cultural knowledge.

‘Research shows that that 90% of non-English speaking customers are more likely to purchase products if online content is provided in their own local language,’ Ms Dietterich said.

‘During the workshop, I’ll talk about the practical aspects of translating and localising business content for multiple markets, and how businesses can use cross-cultural knowledge to increase sales even further.

‘We’ll also discuss strategies for repurposing foreign-language content across communication channels to get maximum value out of your investment.’

Presented by the Export Council of Australia, the workshop will also include expert presentations on:

  • understanding intellectual property
  • understanding your bank’s expectations
  • business process improvement through innovation
  • setting up the right business structures
  • pitching for international success
  • asset maximisation and tax minimisation.

TIQ is the venue host for the workshop, which will be held at 1 William Street, Brisbane, from 9.30am to 3.00pm on Wednesday 27 February.

Register now if you’d like to attend.