Prof Tien with Bruce Hill from Achacha Fruit Group and Roger Kaus from TIQ tasting the new harvest of achacha fruit from Giru in North Queensland

Story overview

Achachas are a Bolivian forest fruit typically found in the wild or in domestic gardens in South America. North Queensland is home to the world’s only commercial-scale Achacha enterprise — Achacha Fruit Plantations.

Achacha Fruit Plantations had previously tried without success to negotiate an export contract into the prestigious Hong Kong market. Following introductions by TIQ, an export agreement was quickly and successfully negotiated and exports began in April 2017.

Client details

Client Achacha Fruit Plantations

Product Achacha fruit


What they achieved

In April 2017, Achacha Fruit Plantations flew the world’s first commercial-scale shipment of Achachas to Hong Kong food distributors Wing Kee Produce Ltd. The first shipment contained 30,000 Achachas, or 1,350kg of fruit.

This first shipment sold well, and the farm entered into discussions regarding a second order.

Achacha Fruit Plantations also exports to the Middle East, UK and North America.

How they did it

TIQ staff with on-the-ground experience in Hong Kong introduced the CEO from Achacha Fruit Plantations to key decision-makers at Wing Kee Produce Ltd. Following email negotiations, an order was confirmed and the shipment went ahead.

This followed an earlier experience where the plantation had tried unsuccessfully to close a Hong Kong export deal with another buyer.