Manufacturing curtains in the Vadain factory in Queensland

Story overview

A recent project saw our specialist investment team work in partnership with European manufacturer Vadain International to open up an investment opportunity, providing detailed industry knowledge, contacts and advice to help them set up in Queensland.

Vadain’s point of difference is that they produce high-quality custom-made curtains, with each curtain featuring different fabrics, sizes and production instructions. The sole Australian facility, based in Logan City, has considerable expansion capacity to service the Australian market.

Client details

Client Vadain International

Product High-quality, custom-made curtains


Vadain International workshop - sorting cloth examples

What they achieved

TIQ helped Vadain International to choose Queensland as their Australian base.

As a result, the company invested more than A$1 million into the state to set up a manufacturing plant in Logan.

The plant created 35 jobs within the first year of operation and further substantial growth is expected within the next three to five years.

How they did it

TIQ trade advisors provided Vadain International with advice, research and professional services including:

  • developing a business case, detailing the cost benefits of operating in Queensland (including a detailed labour cost comparison, as well as indicative costs of leasing a facility fit for their purpose)
  • providing contact details of government departments and commercial entities and organising meetings with them to facilitate the investment opportunity
  • introducing the company to various businesses, state and federal departmental representatives, to access manufacturing sites, staff and funding options.

Make sure you are well informed, speak to people, speak to other manufacturers, producers and other government bodies like TIQ.

We undertook lots of visits to properties, visited manufacturers to get an idea of market structure, labour and the availability of skilled people.

I have noticed that people are quite open and enthusiastic and are willing to talk about what they are doing and share their knowledge. — Arjen Hoekman, Director Vadain International