Founder and Head Distiller Mark Watkins at Mt Uncle Distillery on the Atherton Tableland.

Story overview

Mt Uncle Distillery in Far North Queensland worked with TIQ to build connections in the UK market and showcase its Botanic Australis gin to the London market.

As a result, in 2017 the company began exporting its boutique gin varieties to the UK, home of some of the world’s best-known gins.

Client details

Client Mt Uncle Distillery

Product Craft spirits


What they achieved

Founded in 2002, Mt Uncle is a boutique distillery in Walkamin west of Cairns. It produces a range of spirits, including the unique Botanic Australis gin, made from a blend of 14 native Australian plants.

In 2017, Mt Uncle began exporting Botanic Australis gin and Iridium Gold Rum to the UK market. The gin market is particularly hard to crack in the UK because of the popularity of traditional gins such as London Dry.

Mt Uncle also exports to Asia, sending 5,000 units offshore in 2016. The distillery expects to export a total of 20,000 units in 2017.

How they did it

TIQ arranged for Mt Uncle Distillery to co-sponsor the Queensland Day reception at Australia House in London in June 2016, where the company ran the bar and demonstrated its Botanic Australis gin and other products.

The reception allowed Mt Uncle to share its gins and other spirits with a London audience and create valuable business connections, that ultimately resulted in export orders.