Weis mango and ice cream

Story overview

A proud second-generation Toowoomba company, Weis Ice Cream has successfully launched three products in Korea. Their Queensland Mango and Cream, Mango Yoghurt and Boysenberry Yoghurt can now be purchased in Lotte Mart, Korea’s third-most popular hypermarket chain.

Client details

Client Weis Frozen Foods

Product Ice creams, frozen yoghurts, sorbets

Website www.weis.com.au

What they achieved

In September 2014, Weis launched three sorbet products at Homeplus: mango, summer berries, and lemon.

In July 2015, Weis launched two different frozen yogurt products at Lotte Mart, Korea’s third-most popular supermarket chain.

How they did it

TIQ’s Queensland staff and team in Korea worked together to assist Weis Frozen Foods to break into the Korean market.

Weiss sorbet products Lemon and Summer berries

Daniel Kim, Trade & Investment Commissioner for Korea

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