Establish the Emerging International Business Leaders Program (Initiative 1)

This program provides placements in TIQ’s overseas offices for export-ready Queensland SMEs.

Inkerman Cane Growers was the first SME to participate in the program, travelling to TIQ’s Japan office in September 2018 under the Developing Future Leaders program. A further 4 businesses participated in that round of the program, and another 5 businesses in the first 2019 round, variously targeting Indonesia, India and Singapore. All 5 of the SMEs travelled to their respective target markets, where they were supported in critical meetings with prospective buyers by TIQ’s international network.

In 2019, the program was expanded and renamed the Exporter Market Engagement Program (EMEP), and Round 3 is currently underway. Due to COVID-19, the grant criteria was modified to better support exporters to complete market research activity without the need to travel.