Why a Strategy?

A changing world

The global economy is changing, and Queensland must change with it to secure our economic future.

A burgeoning Asian middle class, pressure on natural resources, digital disruption, a prolonged recovery from the global financial crisis – global megatrends like these are creating major economic risks and opportunities.

Queensland possesses many economic advantages, including our proximity to some of the world’s fastest growing markets, our natural environment, and our diverse and adaptable economy.

Our key challenge now is to match what the state has to offer with what the world needs.

The Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022 is a blueprint for meeting this challenge.

A Strategy for the future

The Strategy details existing actions the Queensland Government is already taking, plus new initiatives, to:

  • build Queensland’s already strong export culture
  • help businesses expand their export activity.

The Strategy also recognises the immense benefits that smart foreign investment can bring. Investment in new projects and infrastructure can:

  • create secure, high-paying jobs
  • revitalise businesses
  • embody the latest ideas
  • open up access to lucrative markets in investors’ home countries.

A whole-of-government approach

The Strategy complements other Queensland Government programs already in place, including the:

  • State Infrastructure Plan
  • Market-Led Proposals Framework
  • Priority Development Areas
  • Business Development Fund.

Together, these programs are designed to secure jobs for Queenslanders now and into the future, and deliver a more prosperous Queensland economy.