Queensland firms in the construction and architecture, food and beverage, and advanced manufacturing and technology sectors gathered recently to plan for post-COVID-19 recovery at a series of trade roundtables convened by TIQ.

Led by TIQ Chair the Honourable Steve Bredhauer, the roundtables discussed strategies for recovery, opportunities created by the ‘new normal’, and prospects for collaboration.

Representatives from a total of 23 firms attended the 3 roundtables, joined by key stakeholders, TIQ representatives, and decision-makers from other Queensland Government agencies.

Brad Parsons, CEO and founder of machine technology company MOVUS, attended the Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Roundtable.

He said it was a welcome opportunity to collaborate to help Queensland tackle the impacts of COVID-19.

‘Covid is challenging many companies and industries,’ Mr Parsons said.

‘Queenslanders work together in times of hardship, we fight for each other.

‘That’s why we wanted to be there.’

Mr Bredhauer said it was a welcome opportunity to draw on the insights and expertise of some of the leaders in each sector.

‘The companies were very engaged and forthcoming in sharing insights, making frank observations and providing recommendations,’ he said.

‘I am also aware that, following the roundtables, companies have reached out to others to discuss collaboration and support, and it’s great to see the Aussie spirit of working together reflected at a business level.

‘The intelligence we gather from these roundtables will also be provided to the Queensland Government’s Economic Functional Recovery Group and will inform the government’s economic recovery policy and program.’

Mr Parsons said Queensland had specific technology strengths that could be promoted in global markets.

‘The best thing about the roundtable was the spirit of collaboration and open communication between business and government,’ he said.

‘This is a government that is prepared to engage and listen to industry.

‘The key for me is what is done next.

‘I’d like to see action to enable Queensland’s technology ecosystem to collaborate, and promotion of what we do well in Queensland, particularly in the area of supporting remote industry, which is one of our strengths in the global context.’

TIQ will continue to engage with all roundtable participants to respond to issues raised and to discuss and support recovery ideas and initiatives.

The Construction and Architecture Trade Roundtable was held on 22 April. A second roundtable for the technology and manufacturing sector was held on 30 April, and a third for food and beverage firms on 6 May.

You can learn more about the support available to exporters affected by the COVID-19 pandemic on our TIQ industry recovery package page.