India is the world’s largest democracy and Queensland’s fourth largest trading partner.


Predicted to be the third largest economy by 2030, India is undergoing major reforms and embracing pro-business policies to drive its large-scale development program.

Defined by scale, skill and speed, successful business ventures in India are characterised by either high-volume/low-margin or niche products or services.


Engaging with India requires long-term strategic focus and commitment.

Rapid urbanisation of 250 million people will change the market appetite for sophisticated goods and services in the next five years.

Public-private partnership models are evolving with the advent of private participation particularly in telecoms and infrastructure.

Ecommerce is a rapid growth sector and the e-learning industry is predicted to reach US$1.29 billion in FY2018/19.

India is poised to grow its economy with a strong focus on modernisation, consumerism, capability development, skill and capacity building, which bring significant opportunities for Queensland across diverse sectors.

Solar farm in India

India opportunities

CurrentLong term


  • Coal – exports and energy in-market development
  • Infrastructure – urban design, architecture, housing, precincts
  • Education and skills training
  • Horticulture, food and agricultural technology
  • Mining equipment, technology services
  • Innovation and research collaboration
  • Business incubation hubs

Long term

  • Sustainable food
  • Professional services
  • Education and training
  • Research and development
  • Sports, entertainment, health, infrastructure and services
  • Renewal energy technology
  • Franchising and services – food
  • Water and environment
  • Digitalisation and schools outreach
  • Infrastructure – interconnectivity
  • Advanced health care, life sciences and tropical expertise
  • Agriculture automation, storage
  • Sports, tourism and mass transit

Sector opportunities in India

The world’s largest workforce with 30% aged 10-25

Education and training

The world’s largest workforce, with 30% aged 10-25, the National Skill Development Mission plans to train 400 million Indians by 2022.

Training opportunities exist in hospitality, sports, retail, mining, construction, education, skills hubs, government agencies, and curriculum development.

Target of 1 billion tonnes of coal by 2020

Mining and resources

India has the fifth largest coal reserves in the world in addition to other minerals like chromite, iron ore, bauxite and manganese ore.

Opportunities exist for Queensland’s mining technology and services companies to provide technical expertise, mine safety, training, equipment and technical collaboration.

$1 billion US for smart practice and smart living

Urban development and services

The Indian Government’s US$1 billion for urban rejuvenation and $84 million for habitation and development of 100 smart cities create opportunities to provide urban design, architecture and technology solutions targeting second- and third-tier cities.