Innovative technology 

Queensland-based Ceres Tag’s animal health intelligence platform utilises on-tag analytics and data collection to provide farmers with animal-specific insights. 

The smart tags track geospatial location, activity, methane emissions forecasts and feed efficiency which helps drive sustainability and biodiversity outcomes – and even assists with theft prevention. 

What sets Ceres Tag apart is its plug-and-play design, eliminating the need for additional infrastructure, maintenance, subscriptions, or battery replacements. 

This innovation is revolutionising the scalable monitoring of biosecurity, animal welfare, performance, and supply chain traceability.

Taking Ceres Tag global

CEO and Co-founder David Smith emphasises: “Ceres Tag leveraged Queensland’s advantage of being a major beef exporter to grow globally. With the support of the Queensland Government, we’re keen to create a hub of other international animal health intelligence organisations in the southern hemisphere.”

Ceres Tag used by farmers in more than 30 countries and is making significant contributions to wildlife conservation, protecting species like rhinos, giraffes and koalas.