Investment opportunities in Queensland

Queensland is a state that offers a wealth of investment opportunities across a broad range of sectors.

From world-class manufacturing, development of new technologies, and innovative start-ups, to mega-scale projects in our growing renewables and emerging green hydrogen industries, Queensland offers some of the world’s best investment opportunities.

To assist in the identification of and decision-making process around those many opportunities, Trade and Investment Queensland has published a number of documents that showcase why Queensland is a destination of choice for global investors.

Queensland Investment Prospectus

Queensland is the fastest growing economy in Australia and enjoys some of the highest levels of business confidence in the nation.

Our state is in close proximity to major markets in Asia and with Queensland’s abundant natural resources, existing infrastructure, highly skilled workforce, history of innovation, pro-business environment, and standard of living, there has never been a better time to invest.

Queensland’s capital city, Brisbane, is set to host the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games and our state is ready to embrace and maximise the significant investment and export opportunities that come with hosting the greatest show on earth.

Brisbane 2032 has further enhanced Queensland’s many strengths and the huge scale of the investment opportunities available here across a range of sectors and industries, right now.

Download the Queensland Investment Prospectus

The Investment Prospectus showcases the number and diversity of investment opportunities, across many sectors and industries, in Queensland.

Queensland provides extensive assistance for investors, making doing business as smooth as possible, and our state is already home to some of the world’s largest and most innovative businesses.

Download the Investment Prospectus to find out more about how to access and benefit from those opportunities, and play a part in the Queensland success story.


Queensland Hydrogen Prospectus

Queensland’s growing and flourishing renewable energy and emerging green hydrogen industries are ready to support organisations and governments around the world to meet increasingly prominent decarbonisation targets.

To fully realise the potential of these emerging industries and innovative energy solutions, Queensland wants to work with its existing global partners, as well as establish new connections.

Green hydrogen, produced via renewable energy from Queensland’s abundant solar and other natural resources, will play an important role in providing us all with a bright future.

The scale of these growing industries in Queensland means that investment opportunities are vast, including at the energy generation, production, and downstream stages.

Download the Queensland Hydrogen Prospectus

The Queensland Hydrogen Prospectus highlights Queensland’s strengths and significant advantages over other possible investment destinations when it comes to one of the most important emerging industries.

The opportunities available in Queensland to invest in renewables and green hydrogen projects are diverse, numerous, exciting, and available now.

Click below to submit your information and download a copy of the Queensland Hydrogen Prospectus.


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