The quality and extent of Queensland resources, our reliability of supply, sustainable mining practices and supporting technology put us at the forefront of global resource supply.

  • World’s largest exporter of seaborne metallurgical coal, supplying around 80% of global demand.
  • We have 98% of Australia’s proven coal seam gas reserves.
  • Australia’s largest producer of base metals including copper, lead and zinc.

Abundant natural resources

Queensland’s abundant natural resources include more than 30 billion tonnes of coal deposits as well as metals, phosphate rock, oil shale and minerals.

We are the world’s largest exporter of seaborne metallurgical coal with a long history of supplying metallurgical and thermal coal as well as coal seam gas to global markets.

We hold 98% of Australia’s proven coal seam gas reserves and in 2013, 41% of the world’s unconventional gas projects were under construction in Queensland. Our multi-billion dollar mining and resources sector is actively helping to fuel the world.

Environmentally sustainable practices

With a proven history of using sustainable and innovative exploration and mining practices supported by high quality mining equipment, technology and services, Queensland is a mining and resources trading partner of choice.

Getting started

TIQ helps trade partners harness opportunities by working with local industries, economic development agencies as well as local and state government agencies.

If you are looking to explore trade and investment opportunities in Queensland, please contact us via our enquiry form.