Queensland is the second largest of Australia’s states by area and third largest in terms of population. Almost 83% of Queensland is used for agricultural production – the largest area of agricultural land in any Australian state.

The Queensland food and agriculture sector is forecast to reach A$ 19.95 billion in 2016-17 (Source: Queensland Ag Trends April 2017 update). In 2016-17, the value of Queensland’s agriculture and food exports was $9.8 billion, representing 15% of Queensland’s total overseas exports (Source: Queensland Treasury 2017).

There’s a place… called Queensland

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Best Practice

Our high-quality, fresh, clean and sustainably produced meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables, nuts and gourmet food are enjoyed in homes and restaurants in every corner of the globe. Queensland is renowned for:

  • world leadership – in tropical and subtropical agriculture, education, service provision and research and development
  • ideal growing conditions – with food production counter-seasonal to the northern hemisphere, catering to international demand
  • favourable climate and growing regions – ranging from tropical to temperate agriculture, allowing us to supply a diverse range of products through the year
  • rigorous biosecurity systems – with stringent quarantine policies and food management practices that keep Queensland free from serious animal and plant pests
  • competitive logistics systems – with effective and efficient transport and cold-chain infrastructure allowing for rapid delivery of products to international market

Support from TIQ

TIQ promotes Queensland internationally as an attractive place to source clean, green and sustainable food products. It is also the place to access innovative agri-business services and technologies and forge investment partnerships.

TIQ’s specialised teams assist companies wanting to export internationally and invest in Queensland by:

  • providing targeted market intelligence & industry knowledge
  • organising outbound and inbound visits
  • facilitating participation in international trade shows to promote Queensland products and services
  • connecting potential investors with industry, business and key supply chain allies
  • identifying potential partners for Queensland business for joint venture or collaborative opportunities.

Getting started

Your first step is to contact TIQ as we work in partnership with national and state government agencies, industry and our TIQ international offices  are located in 13 locations worldwide.

If you are looking to export overseas contact your nearest trade adviser or one of our industry experts.

Free Trade Agreements provide significant opportunities for Queensland agribusiness exporters. Find out about the specific benefits applicable for agribusiness exports from the Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement.

Upcoming Events

Learn more about TIQ’s upcoming missions and how you can get involved as they are listed on our events calendar →

Commissioner’s intel: Global opportunities for food & agribusiness

View the videos below, and hear from TIQ’s Trade and Investment Commissioners as they speak of the opportunities in the Food & agribusiness  sector in their region.


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Zijian Zhang: Food & agribusiness opportunities in China

Murray Davis: Food & agribusiness opportunities in Taiwan

Tak Adachi: Food & agribusiness opportunities in Japan

Ken Smith: Food & agribusiness opportunities in UK & Europe

Ken Smith: Food & agribusiness opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa

Alex Pessagno: Food & agribusiness opportunities in Latin America

Donna Massie: Food & agribusiness opportunities in Middle East