Free trade agreements provide a framework for Australia’s commercial relationship with trading partners, increase trade and investment opportunities, bring money into the Australian economy and help create jobs.

As Asia’s rapid economic growth continues, closer trade ties with major Asian economies are essential to Australia’s continued prosperity.

Australia pursues high-quality, comprehensive trade agreements when they offer net benefits to Australia, are World Trade Organization-consistent and support the global trade system.

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Existing free trade agreements

Australia has 12 FTAs currently signed. The countries covered by these FTAs account for 70% of Australia’s total trade. These FTAs are helping Australians access new markets and expand trade in existing markets.

Korean-Australia Free Trade Agreement – KAFTAJapan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement – JAEPA, and China-Australia Free Trade Agreement – ChAFTA  are relatively new trade agreements. Together these three economies represent over half of Australia’s exports.

Free trade agreements in negotiation

Australia is currently engaged in seven other FTA negotiations: