Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) provides existing and new exporters with information on overseas markets and export opportunities. TIQ equips firms with the skills to capitalise on these opportunities and assists them through trade missions, global contacts and the state’s network.

Video of Export 101 webinar

Ross Tilly and Julie Mark, TIQ’s Senior Trade and Investment Officers talks through the basics of exporting, including:

  1. How exporting fits into your business
  2. Be informed. The 5 C’s of exporting to determine your export objectives
  3. Get up to date:
    • Emerging market trends
    • Free Trade Agreements
    • Strategies of successful exporters.

Note: This presentation was facilitated by Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games

Video of ‘Ask an Expert’ series webinar

David Camerlengo, TIQ Commissioner North America, Stephanie Grandy, Business Development Analyst, TIQ North America and Bob Burke, Natural Products Consultant, talk through how to successfully break into the US Natural Products, Food and Beverage Market.

More information

The following websites contain insight into how to prepare for export: