Each year, TIQ runs international trade missions to connect Queensland businesses with opportunities in overseas markets.

Outbound trade missions take Queensland producers and products around the world. Inbound trade missions bring overseas buyers, distributors, investors and government representatives to Queensland. Our Queensland and overseas staff can advise you on upcoming trade missions relevant to your sector.

Outbound trade missions

Outbound trade missions help Queensland businesses to establish contacts in targeted markets.

Joining one of our trade missions will give you market insights, support and contacts that you could never access on your own. Delegates regularly secure major export deals as a direct result of joining a mission.

TIQ provides pre-mission preparation, including market briefings. Our trade specialists, often led by Queensland Government ministers, accompany the missions to provide support during the mission and to help follow up on export opportunities.

TIQ advisors also arrange in-market meetings with potential customers and partners to make the most of outbound missions.

Inbound trade missions

Queensland regularly hosts inbound trade missions, which provide an easy, cost-effective way for local businesses to meet overseas representatives from business and government.

Inbound trade missions range from a small number of overseas companies to large multidisciplinary delegations.

TIQ frequently arranges meetings and showcases that connect Queensland businesses with these overseas visitors.

Virtual trade missions

Virtual trade missions employ video-conferencing technology to help potential exporters to better understand the requirements and preferences of overseas markets without having to leave Queensland.

This helps new exporters to be better prepared before they travel overseas by connecting them to in-market experts and potential overseas buyers.

Recent trade missions delivered by TIQ

TIQ trade missions are a unique opportunity to showcase your product in the international marketplace.

More information

If you’d like to be kept up to date on trade missions relevant to your sector, contact us for more information.