New figures released by the Australian Government show that the number of international students enrolled in Queensland institutions rose 11.6% in 2017.

International Student Data 2017, released by the Department of Education and Training, shows that a total of 123,737 international students studied in Queensland in 2017, representing 15.5% of all international students enrolled in Australia last year.

This makes Queensland Australia’s third-strongest performer in international education and training, after New South Wales (with 38.1% of the national total) and Victoria (with 31.7%).

China remained Australia’s largest source of international students, accounting for 28.9% of all international enrolments in 2017.

Chinese enrolments in Queensland increased by 20.9% from 2016, a greater percentage increase than New South Wales and Victoria, though the southern states’ overall share of Chinese students remained substantially higher.

Queensland’s greatest percentage increase was among students from Brazil, with the number of Brazilian students enrolled in the state increasing by 35% to 11,236, making them Queensland’s third-largest group of international enrolments.

This increase was primarily due to more Brazilian students enrolling in English-language courses, but increased enrolments in higher education and vocational education and training also contributed.

Other strong markets for the state in 2017 were Colombia (18% growth) and Japan (14% growth), with Queensland having a high proportion of the total number of Colombian and Japanese students studying in Australia (25% and 33% respectively).

International education and training is Queensland’s second largest services export after tourism.

It is identified as an export priority sector in the Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022.

Major sources of international students, Queensland – 2017

  Number of enrolments Change from 2016 Qld share of Aust
1  China 26,686 21% 12%
2  India 11,749 -2% 13%
3  Brazil 11,236 35% 31%
4  Korea, Republic of (South) 7,180 3% 23%
5  Colombia 5,331 18% 25%
6  Japan 5,325 14% 33%
7  Taiwan 5,230 9% 29%
8  Hong Kong 3,541 2% 20%
9  United States of America 3,411 9% 29%
10 Malaysia 3,215 1% 10%

1Source: Australia Education International, International student data.