Queensland has a modern, diversified economy, underpinned by strong sectors including agriculture, resources, construction, tourism, manufacturing and services.

Over the past two decades, Queensland’s economic growth has generally exceeded the national average.

Infrastructure is vital to Queensland’s continued economic growth. The state offers a range of investment opportunities across multiple infrastructure sectors.

TIQ helps investors pursue investment opportunities by working with:

  • local industry
  • economic development agencies
  • local and state government agencies.

Infrastructure development

The Queensland Government is committed to robust infrastructure development throughout the state.

Urban development

For fiscal year 2016–2017, the government committed A$10.7 billion for infrastructure projects, including:

  • capital expenditure of A$4.388 billion for transport
  • A$2.18 billion for the energy and waste sector
  • A$1.42 billion across the health portfolio
  • A$645 million for schools and hospitals.

Source: Queensland State Budget 2016–2017 Papers

In March 2016, the value of Queensland’s known major investment projects totalled A$167.9 billion. This included:

  • A$50.47 billion under construction
  • A$15.36 billion committed
  • A$56.47 billion under consideration
  • A$45.65 billion possible.

Source: Deloitte Access Economics Investment Monitor — March 2016

The Queensland Government uses a range of funding and financing mechanisms to encourage additional private-sector investment in infrastructure projects. This includes considerable experience in delivering private–public partnerships across varying major infrastructure projects.

Queensland’s most important infrastructure project, the Cross River Rail Project, is a vital transport infrastructure project that will provide benefits to Brisbane, South East Queensland and the state.

Cross River Rail Project, Brisbane

  • Connecting both northern and southern rail networks, this A$5.2 billion project involves a 10.2km link from Dutton Park to Bowen Hills, with 5.9km of tunnel under the Brisbane River and CBD.
  • Cross River Rail will deliver services to stations at five key locations: Boggo Road, Woolloongabba, Albert Street, Roma Street and Exhibition showgrounds.
  • Estimated construction time-frame for this project is five years.

More information about the project is available here.

Getting started

Contact TIQ if you’re interested in investing in urban development and infrastructure: we work in partnership with government and industry to help investors pursue significant development and infrastructure projects.

The Queensland State Infrastructure Plan

The Queensland State Infrastructure Plan guides Queensland Government priority investment in the state. This plan will be released in the first half of 2016.

Market Led Proposals

The Queensland Government is introducing new approaches and new partnerships to grow our economy. A key priority is to deliver successful projects and programs originating from market-led proposals. An active framework has been established to encourage and respond to market-led proposals to support this initiative.

Raynunha Sinnathamby, Managing Director, Springfield Land Corporation

…major organisations are looking at Greater Springfield as an opportunity, not just to locate, but to grow their own businesses…Raynunha Sinnathamby,Managing Director, Springfield Land Corporation