While many Australian companies have plans to eventually break into overseas markets, two Queensland businesses began selling their technology internationally from day one.

ClipChamp and AKIPS, both winners at the recent Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards, focused on markets outside of Australia from the day they began trading.

And, as ClipChamp co-founder and CEO Alex Dreiling explained, selling a digital product made the process a lot easier.

‘There’s a stark contrast between digital products and physical products,’ Mr Dreiling said.

‘If you have a physical product, you have to deal with stock, shipping and stuff like that, which is complicated.

‘The easiest way to start working in foreign markets is to have a business-to-consumer service that’s digital.’

ClipChamp won the Dermot McManus Award for Innovation at the export awards, selling online tools that allow users to edit, compress and convert video files without needing to upload anything to a central server.

Also a winner at the awards was fellow Brisbane business AKIPS, which won the Technology and Innovation Award for its network-monitoring software that can monitor, analyse, report and alert on more than 20 million metrics per minute.

AKIPS co-founder and CEO Paul Koch said he started his business with his sights set on North America, which now makes up 80% of the company’s customer base.

‘We got a site at the University of North Carolina – one of the biggest universities in the US,’ Mr Koch said.

‘It was a great testing ground because university environments are very hostile environments in terms of online security.

‘Most organisations try to keep the hackers out, but we were there trying to keep the hackers in.

‘The university let us log directly into our software to see how it was performing, which helped us tune it to make it better and better.’

ClipChamp also focused on the US market.

‘The way we looked at it, the bigger the country the bigger the user base,’ Mr Dreiling said.

‘And our website being clipchamp.com meant more people were more inclined to hit it from the US.

‘But we also translated our website into 9 other languages and started ranking in other countries, particularly Spanish-speaking countries and Brazil.’

This is AKIPS’ third win at the export awards, and the first for ClipChamp.

Both winners believe it’s worth applying.

‘Everyone should apply for it, because it makes you really think about your business,’ Mr Koch said.

‘And some of the questions force you to think outside the box.’

Mr Dreiling agrees.

‘It’s a good way to reflect on what you’ve actually achieved,’ he said.

‘And if you get picked as a finalist there’s recognition that you’ve achieved something, so it’s definitely worth it.’

AKIPS and ClipChamp were two of 16 winners announced at the Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards Gala on 10 October in Brisbane.

The export awards are coordinated by TIQ.

Supporting Queensland exporters is a priority under the Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022.

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