Queensland experienced record highs in both international visitor numbers and visitor spending last year, according to recently released tourism data.

The International Tourism Snapshot for the year ending September 2018 reveals that the number of international visitors to Queensland grew 4.6% to a record 2.8 million.

During the same period, spending by international visitors to Queensland rose 11.5% to a record $5.9 billion.

The largest numbers of visitors came from:

  • New Zealand
  • Asia (including China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and Japan)
  • North America
  • Europe.

Queensland regions experiencing significant growth in international visitor numbers were:

  • Brisbane (up 9.7%)
  • the Sunshine Coast (up 8.5%)
  • Mackay (up 13.3%).

Across Queensland, the greatest market increases were in:

  • Chinese visitors (up 17.5%)
  • Indonesian visitors (up 15.5%)
  • Indian visitors (up 12.5%)
  • French visitors (up 12.1%).

Chinese visitors were the biggest spenders by a significant margin, injecting $1.4 billion into the Queensland economy, an increase of 33.1% from the previous year.

Big spending increases were also recorded among visitors from Singapore (up 30.8% to $167.6 million) and France (up 19.4% to $101.4 million).

Both New South Wales and Victoria also experienced record highs in international visitation and expenditure, while Tasmania also enjoyed a record high in visitor numbers.

Tourism is identified as Queensland’s highest value services export in the Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022.