Its technology supports identity verification at the point of sale, where customers are required to validate their identity by presenting their national ID card and providing a physical fingerprint.

Based in Tingalpa, Grabba designs and builds powerful identity solutions and has grown to support a global network of organisations who require the most secure and efficient mobile  identity technology.

Servicing more than 65,000 enterprise users around the world, it has established a renowned footprint in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Australia.   

Grabba is one of the only trusted foreign providers to be integrated with the UAE’s Identity and Citizenship Authority database, enabling their partners to perform biometric capture and validation in store.  

The renewed deal with Du Telecommunications expands on their existing fleet and complements Grabba’s partnership with the UAE’s other major telco, Etisalat, with 15,000 Grabba devices now deployed across the country performing millions of identity validations annually.  

Grabba’s core range S-Series device will be deployed alongside a new bespoke U-Series device to support identity verification at point of sale. 

TIQ has been central to Grabba’s export journey in the UAE, facilitating introductions to invaluable local networks and assisting specifically in managing the complex dynamics of the complex bidding and procurement processes.  

Grabba’s export success in the UAE joins an established network of solutions across the world including ongoing projects with US Customs and Border Protection, the UK Home Office and the Canada Border Services Agency.

Grabba Technologies CEO Jon Carter said the business was proud to showcase Queensland ingenuity on the world stage. 

“It wouldn’t be possible without the support of TIQ, with the experience and comprehensive market insights of their teams both domestically and in the UAE central to our ability to successfully navigate this new deal,” he said. 

“This new partnership with Du Telecom is not only an endorsement of our innovative technology, but also our commitment to collaborate with our partners to create solutions for their specific needs.” 

Trade and Investment CEO Justin McGowan said Grabba’s innovative technology was a great example of homegrown Queensland business providing business providing leading solutions for a global challenge. 

“TIQ is resolute in its commitment to ensuring these export journeys realise their full potential, particular via the unique market insights and networks of our vastly experienced global trade and investment commissioners and their teams around the world,” he said.

“We know that our role in supporting successful outcomes like this great deal for Grabba Technologies drives broader benefits for all of Queensland, given the significant contribution of exports to the state’s robust economy.” 

About Grabba Technologies

Grabba Technologies is an Australian based manufacturer of biometrics and identity solutions. Bringing together complex electronics, the latest biometric identity authentication and biographic data capture capabilities, Grabba delivers a fully integrated ecosystem of reliable hardware and software products. Since its inception in 2001, Grabba has grown to support a global network of organisations who require the most secure and efficient mobile identity technology.

About Trade and Investment Queensland

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