Showcasing Queensland at Expo 2020 Dubai - Indigenous artistry

Alongside over 180 cultural performances, prominent Queensland Indigenous artists and designers are featured at the Australian Pavilion’s Retail Store.

Expo 2020 Dubai (Expo) is one of the world’s largest events. As the Australian Pavilion welcomes around 120,000 visitors in October alone, being part of the retail offering at the Australian Pavilion is an invaluable opportunity for Queensland artisans to gain international exposure and tap into global markets.

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Distinctively Australian fashion

The official provider of Indigenous fashion and apparel to the Australian Pavilion, handcrafted Mainie garments feature authentic artwork painted by female artists from Far North Queensland and the Central Desert.

Launched in 2015 by Gunggari Aboriginal woman, Charmaine Saunders, Mainie garments are wearable art. Every piece tells its own 60,000-year-old Dreamtime story, embracing a profound First Nations cultural heritage.

As part of Trade and Investment Queensland’s $440,000 E-commerce Grants Program, Mainie is currently expanding into the United States to meet the demand for authentic, socially responsible and sustainable clothing.

In line with the Indigenous Art Code, all artwork has been ethically acquired in a fair-trade agreement that ensures royalties are returned to the artist.

Delvene Cockatoo-Collins Art

Artistry from generation to generation

First Nations artist, Delvene, tells the story of not just the land with which she deeply identifies, but also of generations before her – through handmade homewares and artwork.

Drawing from her Quandamooka roots, Delvene uses traditional techniques in her art that have been passed down by her mother and grandmother. She also offers cultural tours, so that others can experience her inspiration from the Goompi–Dunwich area.

Having designed the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Medals and presenters’ outfits, Delvene is ready to produce up to 250,000 designs for sale at the Australian Pavilion.