Frosty Boy Global at the Premier of Queensland Export Awards, 2023.

Today, Frosty Boy manufactures up to two million serves per day in more than 65 countries – including the United States Philippines, Malaysia, the Middle East, India, Korea and Vietnam.

Exporting since 2001, Frosty Boy’s customers include the top seven of the world’s global fast-food chains.

When it comes to the Queensland economy, soft serve means hard currency. Over the last two years, Frosty Boy’s revenue has grown 200 per cent in India, 95 per cent in the Middle East, and this year they are expecting growth of over 100 per cent in Indonesia.

Food manufacturers generate $25 billion dollars for our economy each year, and companies like Frosty Boy are leaders in their field offering a diverse range of powder solutions in desserts, beverages, bakery, savoury and nutritional products.  

Frosty Boy has diversified into the development of a variety of beverage modifiers to cater to changing consumer trends. They have also introduced innovative manufacturing robotics to streamline production.

Their international success relies on a two-part strategy: targeting high-growth markets and supporting existing customers in expanding into new markets, channels and product categories.

The secret recipe to their global success, a mix of innovative product development, adherence to quality, and a keen understanding of diverse global palates and preferences.

Dirk Pretorius, Frosty Boy Global Managing Director

Frosty Boy’s Managing Director Dirk Pretorius says their global expansion is attributed to research and development, identifying trends before they happen and quickly pivoting their business accordingly.

Frosty Boy specialises in producing powdered base products for soft serve, frozen yogurts, slushies, and other beverages. Over the decades, the company has expanded its offerings to include a range of toppings and syrups, catering to the evolving tastes of its global clientele.

Frosty Boy's commitment to innovation is evident in its expansive product line, catering to a plethora of dietary needs and preferences including vegan, lactose intolerant and the generally health conscious.

Frosty Boy Global were finalists in the Agribusiness, Food and Beverages and Manufacturing and Advanced Material categories in this year’s 2023 Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards.

Frosty Boy takes great pride in its women leaders, with 67 per cent female leadership. They have made significant contributions to the company's international export success and commitment to international trade relations.

Collectively these women leaders embody Frosty Boy's commitment to gender equality and diversity while driving international success.

Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) have partnered with Frosty Boy on several international trade shows including the Saudi Food Show in Riyadh and Foodex Food and Beverage trade show in Tokyo. These trade shows facilitated introductions and led to ongoing conversations with trade buyers.

The Frosty Boy Global team

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