Genics at the 2023 Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards

But one proud Queensland biotech company has taken a global view, with its work in smart pathogen detection now internationally recognised as a leader within the broader shrimp farming community across the world. 

Founded by shrimp expert Dr Melony Sellars, Genics’ custom scientific solutions help reduce the risk of disease and improve biosecurity.

Genics evolved from Melony’s 20-year research career at the CSIRO, with the service offering derived from her motivation to improve global food security.

Shrimp have high volumes of protein, amino acids and healthy fats and consequently are an important part of our world’s sustainable food supply.

Dr Melony Sellars

However, they are also susceptible to several deadly pathogens, with many farmers unaware of the severity until it is too late, causing hundreds of millions of dollars of distressing food and stock waste.

Each year shrimp farmers around the world incur losses from pathogens and disease totalling more than $28 billion.

Genics’ knowledge and technology helps to solve this problem, with its Queensland-based team of scientists, data experts and aquaculture specialists helping to reduce farmers’ losses and increase profitability through the power of data.

Using tissue samples supplied from their clients’ shrimp, Genics dives into very specific pathogen and genetic data, developing effective early pathogen detection and disease prevention health care and breeding programs.

Its flagship piece of technology, Shrimp MultiPath™, detects up to 14 pathogens simultaneously, meaning farmers have reduced costs when testing for multiple pathogens.

Shrimp MultiPath™ is changing the way global aquaculture views pathogens and disease by delivering meaningful knowledge to farmers, with recent peer reviewed research published by the renowned Diseases of Aquatics Organisms confirming the technology’s market-leading capability. 

And it’s a standard recognised the world over, with Genics not only enjoying 100% market share here in Australia, but also servicing clients in 43 nations across the globe including Vietnam, India, Ecuador, Indonesia, the United States and many throughout Europe.  

Genics was a finalist in the Small Business category in the 2023 Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards, while Melony was also nominated for the Women in International Business category.

After winning the Small Business category, Melony expressed her pride the recognition of the entire Genics team.

“It means market access globally for us, and also market growth to areas like India where we have some key strategies for the near future,” she said.

“The impacts that we are having around the world in terms of early pathogen detection and breeding programs are phenomenal.

“Our growth and our effectiveness, relative to our size, is an absolute testament to our hardworking team who are dedicated to delivering innovative, cutting-edge products and services to market that are best in class and globally sought after.”

Trade and Investment Queensland has provided ongoing support throughout Genics’ export journey, including assistance with a successful e-commerce grant application to establish a platform to better engage with existing clients, as well as valuable network introductions and matching exercises in emerging markets. 

As the Queensland Government’s dedicated global business agency, TIQ helps Queensland exporters take their products and services to the world.

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