Queensland tech driving improvements in hospitals around the world

Despite the rising costs of healthcare and recent advances in medical services, there is no standard analysis for how to run a hospital. Cue Healthcare Logic.

Together with Griffith University and Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service, the Queensland-based R&D company has been developing and commercialising SystemView since 2017.

The SystemView platform enables timely clinical response to key hospital challenges across each of the core processes in hospitals including outpatients, surgery, emergency departments and inpatient bed flow.

Healthcare Logic at the 2023 Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards.

SystemView visualises data to create a common view of performance risks to enable clinical and operational staff, executives, and health departments to use a common set of data-led facts to make decisions.

SystemView harnesses high-frequency data flows through novel algorithms and applies predictive and prescriptive analytics in visualisations to support clinical teams to improve patient outcomes across the entire health system.

Personalised real-time alerts via email or SMS can be set up by healthcare professionals for when tolerances are reached, increasing the capacity of clinicians to be proactive in responding to changing risk profiles and capacity and demand within the system.

Opportunities for improved efficiency can be identified in SystemView through its near-real time visualization of productivity trends, improvement opportunities and demand and capacity imbalance, potentially saving taxpayer dollars and benefiting patients.

Healthcare Logic now operates in over 150 hospitals internationally.

SystemView is in every Queensland public hospital and is live or being installed across hospitals in South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

New markets under development over the last 12 months include the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and India.

Healthcare Logic has been supported by both the Queensland and federal government through the award of an Advancing Commercialisation grant and continual R&D recognition, eventually creating more than 70 tech jobs in Australia.

The company won the Advanced Technology category in the 2023 Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards and were finalists in the International Health category. 

Healthcare Logic CEO Professor Martin Connor said SystemView had helped to created 100 full-time global jobs in the healthcare sector, with more than 70 in Australia.

“As a company, we’re just a group of people trying to do something special. And in our case, it's healthcare,” he said.

“Our company actually comes from all over the world, but we're all proud Queenslanders as well.”

He thanked Trade and Investment Queensland for its role in helping Healthcare Logic into new markets overseas.

“We’ve started to introduce ourselves to a broader set of markets that we would never have been possible for us before,” he said.

“TIQ have been friends mostly, they've been supporters next and they've been introducers third. So, they've been a really big part of our story.”

As the Queensland Government’s dedicated global business agency, TIQ helps Queensland exporters take their products and services to the world.

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