Homebodii defines elegance, luxury and personalised comfort

The fashion industry is a dynamic landscape, one where brands can easily lose their way in the whirlwind of changing trends and challenges. Yet Homebodii, guided by Ingrid Bonnor, stands as a testament to how brands can remain true to their core values while embracing innovation to thrive.

Ingrid Bonnor

As a former model, Ingrid embarked on a journey 12 years ago to turn her business into a globally recognised wedding and sleepwear brand. 

Following her own wedding preparations, she recognised a gap in the market and began creating bridal robes and sleepwear items, ensuring that brides-to-be feel beautiful, confident and glamorous during their pre-wedding moments.

When the pandemic sent ripples across global markets, Homebodii's nimble and strategic approach ensured it wasn't merely afloat but charting new waters. 

By tailoring its online brand, it ensured it was resonating with diverse consumer bases and affirming its position as a global leader in luxury loungewear and pre-wedding attire.

Homebodii continues to captivate women around the globe, including celebrities and graced the pages of prestigious publications like Forbes and Vogue, solidifying its status as a go-to choice for brides-to-be.

A rapid adoption of technology such as Shopify Plus provided the company with powerful tools and features to scale globally, improve customer engagement and offer a seamless shopping experience to international clientele. 

But technological innovation wasn't the end game for Homebodii. While the brand expanded its digital footprint, it remained anchored in its commitments to sustainability and gender equality. 

In a climate where the environment and social equality took centre stage, Homebodii rose to the occasion. The brand made significant strides in minimising its environmental impact, and its sincere drive towards promoting gender equality became more pronounced.

Parallel to these efforts, the brand's commitment to its product quality and design remained unwavering. Every piece that emerged from Homebodii's line echoed the brand's ethos of elegance, comfort and sustainable luxury.

In retrospect, Homebodii's journey during these challenging times is both inspiring and instructive. 

It's an export story that saw adversity not as an obstacle but as an opportunity to innovate, to grow, and to reaffirm its commitments. 

Homebodii won the e-Commerce category at the 2023 Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards.

Ingrid said she was humbled to be recognised for something she is so passionate about.

“It's particularly special for us because I'm born and bred on the Gold Coast, so to have that means a lot,” she said. 

“We've expanded internationally, but nothing beats coming home and having that recognition from your peers.”

From humble beginnings at local markets, Ingrid said Homebodii was now exploring opportunities to open stores overseas. 

“The next step is opening stores in Dubai,” she said. “There's amazing opportunities in that region and we're really following where our customers are asking for us and where we see the demand.”

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