Japan’s JFE Steel on track in Queensland

One of Japan’s largest steelmakers has committed to Queensland, investing in a uniquely ‘circular’ steelmaking venture.

JFE Steel Corporation is a major investor with Queensland company QCoal in the $1.76 billion Byerwen Coal Mine in Queensland’s Bowen Basin.

Opened in 2019, Byerwen will employ 500 staff and eventually produce up to 10 million tonnes of top-quality metallurgical coal – a vital ingredient in high-grade steel.

JFE made the investment after Trade and Investment Queensland’s Tokyo and Brisbane teams worked closely with the company to open doors to success in Queensland.

Along with other international customers, JFE will make good use of the coal produced at Byerwen to forge steel in Japan.

In an interesting twist, JFE has also won a contract to provide steel rails to Aurizon, Australia’s largest rail-freight operator.

So steel manufactured in Japan using Queensland coal will find its way back to Australia to help keep our rail freight on track.