Changing direction while sourcing the tastiest chicken in the world

When South African native Nick Venter planned his Australian migration, he picked New South Wales as his base.

However, he fell in love with Queensland after a holiday in the state and said he knew he had to redirect his migration journey.

Since then, the former stockbroker, corporate rehabilitation and venture capitalist changed his career direction, turning to building a portfolio of luxury foods.

Venter now runs CopperTree Farms producers of premium, dry-aged beef, and also released a cultured butter product range, partnering with some of Australia’s best chefs including Neil Perry and Mark Best.

The idea was to bring a touch of luxury to home cooking and supply top end restaurants direct from the farm.

His commitment to fine food production and focus on the best quality and best practice in its most natural form has resulted in his produce used by some of the best chefs in Australia.

Why Queensland?

The premium food company works across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland but Venter says Queensland is by far the easiest place to do business.

“There’s a lot less red tape in Queensland in terms of framework and rules than in the other states and it suits my way of doing business, which is to just get things done,” said Venter of his move to the Sunshine State.

He’s currently looking at further investment in the state as well as purchasing more properties.

“I’m excited about the growth opportunities in Brisbane and the city surrounds,” he said.

“I also believe the population will continue to grow.”

His advice for any business migrant considering Queensland as a base?

“I would say ‘don’t hesitate’ to any business migrant thinking of coming to Queensland. It’s definitely the right place to be.” 

Venter says that all the South African expatriates he knows who have chosen Queensland as a state to migrate to would tell you that they didn’t do it soon enough.

“Queensland is also great as an export base because Brisbane is the closest Australian capital city to the Asian market.”