Pinssar offers solution for harsh environments

Pinssar is a proud Queensland company supporting the world’s largest mining and tunnel construction companies - on six continents.


The Pinssar journey commenced a few years after July 2012, when Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) was declared a group1 carcinogen – by the World Health Organisation (WHO), placing DPM in the same risk category as asbestos.  

Prior to the Pinssar technology release, mining and construction companies were unable to monitor the ultra-fine submicron particles of DPM on a continuous basis in harsh working environments.  

And now, as awareness of health outcomes increases around the world, so has the onus on project owners, miners and tunnel construction companies to focus on health and safety strategies that protect workers. 

This increasing focus on health prompted many of Pinssar’s customers to identify its more practical DPM monitoring solution as the primary tool to enable them to undertake timely responses to the significant risks identified in the exposure of workers to a group1 carcinogen.   

The patented Pinssar Reader is the world’s only ultra – low maintenance, diesel monitoring system specifically developed for long term deployment in extremely harsh environments, providing practical diesel emissions data on a 24/7 basis. 

The solution comprises a ruggedised, fixed, particle monitor called the DPR which works continuously to collect DPM samples and sends data to a highly configurable dashboard interface, which records and displays DPM levels as well as internal diagnostic information. Additionally, the data captured by this flexible solution is compatible with the hundreds of control and response system in the marketplace.   

Pinssar’s technology was developed in Queensland and Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) assisted with Pinssar’s entry into the US, South America, Indonesia, UK and European markets between 2018 – 2022, providing strategic market entry advice and connecting the company with key clients and projects. 

“TIQ has been instrumental in the introducing Pinssar to a global marketplace. They have literally gone above and beyond in supporting our marketing, CE certification and website development, as well as facilitating critical corporate introductions, many of which have translated into sales and deployments of our life saving technology” said Francois Velge, Managing Director of Pinssar.  

Pinssar is now supporting 4 of the 5 largest mining companies, many of the world’s largest mines as well as the world’s largest tunnel construction projects. More importantly, this Queensland company is protecting the health of workers and is saving lives.