Razor innovation hub puts Queensland a cut above

A lockdown holiday in Queensland led the CEO of Hong Kong-based GSA Group to establish a global razor innovation hub on the Sunshine Coast.

British-owned but with headquarters in Hong Kong, GSA is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of razor handles and a leader in the multibillion-dollar men’s grooming market.

CEO Nigel Phillips was holidaying with his wife on the Sunshine Coast when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, extending their stay and giving them plenty of time to explore Queensland’s unbeatable advantages.

Mr Phillips said Queensland was a great place to do business and an even better place to live.

‘The Queensland Government’s management of COVID-19, the business environment and the lifestyle on offer here are very attractive,’ he said.

‘We also received great help and encouragement from Trade and Investment Queensland, which was a defining factor in our decision to invest.’

Based at the Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast, the GSA Innovation Hub will research sustainable construction materials for the world’s first-ever plastic-free disposable razor.

It will be headed up by GSA project manager Will Phillips in the role of Chief Innovation Officer.

And shavers around the world may one day hold a little piece of Queensland in their hand, with possible materials including surprising options like Australian seagrass, agar and clay.