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Established in 1953 and headquartered in Kilcoy, Queensland, Kilcoy Global Foods is a nature-to-plate food solutions enterprise, harnessing the unique strengths and experience of Kilcoy Pastoral Company (Australia), Ruprecht Company/KPC North America (USA) and Weidao Foods (China).

Company details

Company Kilcoy Global Foods

Product Grain-fed beef


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Company overview

With a footprint spanning Australia, The United States and China, they partner with the world’s food industry to relentlessly pursue new and better ways to source, prepare and serve wholesome, great-tasting meat and seafood.

The Australian operations, Kilcoy Pastoral Company grain-fed beef specialists produce world-class 100 day grain-fed beef. Established in 1953, Kilcoy Pastoral Company has grown to be one of the largest beef processors in the country, employing over 1,200 people, processing 1,200 head of premium grain-fed cattle a day and exporting to over 20 countries worldwide.

With Halal accreditation, licensing into the principal markets of the world, and a firm commitment to quality assurance and state of the art food safety control measures, Kilcoy Pastoral Company is a beef processor you can confidently rely on.

Inspector at Kilcoy Global Foods


Kilcoy Pastoral Company specialises in the production of premium quality beef and beef co-products for the domestic and global markets.

Their product range includes a variety of superior beef brands including Wagyu, HGP Free and Black Angus as well as high quality co-products such as green hides and rendered products including meat and bone meal, blood meal, tallow and concentrated gall.

Kilcoy also has a fully integrated ‘value-add’ solutions offering, great for retail and food service.



  • 350–400-day grain-fed Wagyu
  • F1/F2 (registered Full Blood Wagyu Bull crossed with British Cow)
  • Super Premium high-end marbling

Kilcoy Pure

  • 100-day grain fed beef
  • Free from Hormone Growth Promotants
  • Highly desirable product
  • Extremely successful internationally
  • Fully MSA accredited

Ebony Black Angus

  • Hand selected Black Angus cattle
  • Grain-fed
  • Juicy, marbled and tender
  • Hormone-free
  • 100-day grain-fed beef
  • Fully MSA accredited

Blue Diamond

  • 100-day grain-fed beef
  • Superior flavour and tenderness
  • Well renowned brand
  • Highly-regarded
  • Fully MSA accredited

Rendered Products
Kilcoy Pastoral Company processing facility has an on-site rendering plant that converts waste into stable, value-added co-products including:

  • Meat and bone meal
  • Blood meal
  • Tallow
  • Concentrated gall

Green Hides
Hides are taken directly from their meat processing facility daily and processed under strict quality control guidelines. All hides are sourced from large animals with an average carcass weight of 340kg. Along with their precise take off procedure that eliminates knife scores, the resulting hides produced are large, high quality and defect free.

Kilcoy cattle

Company/Product Certifications

  • National Livestock Identification System
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
  • Safe Food Queensland
  • AQIS
  • USDA Regulations
  • Export approved facility
  • Australian Meat Industry Council Animal Welfare Standard
  • Halal