Current highlights

Taiwan as an aged-care market

Business opportunities created by Taiwan’s rapidly ageing society are explored in TIQ’s latest international market report.

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Business growth essentials workshops

Workshops on ecommerce, investment attraction, effective pitching and more are continuing to roll out across regional Queensland.

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Strategy reaches major milestones

The Strategy has reached major milestones in its first 18 months, with almost 90% of initiatives underway by the end of 2018.

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Strategy basics

9 priorities

The Strategy is implementing 9 priorities to consolidate Queensland’s strengths and develop industries of the future.

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22 initiatives

Communities across Queensland are benefiting from local and international initiatives funded under the $35 million Strategy.

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Download the Strategy

The 50-page Strategy identifies trends, opportunities and actions to help Queensland businesses tap into growing global markets.

Download the Strategy (PDF, 3.3 MB)

Latest stories

Super-sized quails from Queensland on menu in Hong Kong

9 July 2019

Super-sized quails from the Brisbane Valley are heading to Hong Kong’s high-end restaurants and may enter the Singapore market later this year after TIQ opened doors in Asia for their producer.

Queensland exporter Lightweave sees future in Seoul

8 July 2019

Brisbane tech company Lightweave has taken its next step into Asia after featuring in a Seoul showcase with TIQ’s support.

RedEye continues rapid global expansion

2 July 2019

Queensland engineering software company RedEye continues its rapid global expansion with a third office in North America, a new office in New Zealand and plans to enter Europe.

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