TIQ staff in Brisbane and Singapore sprang into action recently to help client LTR Medical keep their supply chain open so they could deliver critical medical devices to hospitals battling COVID-19.

Brisbane-based LTR supplies a range of medical devices and technology to healthcare providers in Australia and New Zealand, including Springfusor pumps and V-set connectors that are used in delivering intravenous drugs.

With the shutdown of many businesses worldwide due to COVID-19, LTR’s Singapore component supplier faced production difficulties and was unable to manufacture parts essential for the Springfusor and V-set devices as well as other LTR products.

LTR CEO Lee Rodne quickly realised that the company might be left unable to supply Australian and New Zealand hospitals with products used in treating COVID-19.

With just weeks of supply left and contracts coming in steadily, he sent an urgent email to TIQ.

‘We’ve previously worked with the TIQ team in Brisbane to help us build our overseas markets and contacts,’ Mr Rodne said.

‘When we realised the urgency of the situation, I reached out to our contact at TIQ Brisbane and asked if they could help.

‘It was very impressive – she responded immediately and liaised with TIQ’s ASEAN team, who contacted the relevant Singapore Government department to explain the situation.

‘Within 3 days, the Singapore Government had helped to resolve some supply-chain issues and our manufacturer was back at full capacity to supply us and all the other medical companies that depend on them.

‘We’re extremely grateful.’

Queensland Trade and Investment Commissioner for ASEAN Tom Calder said TIQ was pleased to go the extra mile to support LTR and healthcare providers at such a critical time.

‘We realised the importance and urgency of the situation and acted accordingly,’ he said.

‘It’s a great example of how TIQ teams can work together across vast distances to open doors to decision-makers when it matters.

‘It’s those person-to-person connections and the professional networks that deliver both for Queensland exporters and the community as a whole.

’It’s also a testament to our supportive partners within the Singapore Government and their willingness to take action at a time of global need.’

LTR is continuing to provide much-needed medical devices and technology to healthcare providers across Australia and New Zealand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company employs 5 staff in Queensland, who coordinate the supply of products to around 250 hospitals across Australia and New Zealand.

Medical technology and advanced manufacturing are identified as one of Queensland’s emerging export strengths in the Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022.