Terms and Conditions 

Level One @ Queensland House 

These terms and conditions may have changed since your previous booking, please ensure you review the following information carefully. 



Please liaise with LevelOne@tiq.qld.gov.au regarding building access closer to your event date.  



Queensland House has regular stairs and one small lift available for access to all floors, it is wheelchair accessible with disabled toilet available on Basement Level.  



TIQ Europe can provide an overview of the AV system within the event space. Please ensure you are familiar with the AV set up prior to your event starting, if you wish to book a site visit email levelOne@tiq.qld.gov.au  



Bookings are to be made by completing a Level One Enquiry Form (submitted at least 5 working days prior to your event date). The person completing the request is responsible for ensuring all the conditions of hire are complied with and must be over 18 years of age. 



We ask that you please provide notification of a cancellation as early as possible. A no-show or last-minute cancellation means that others may not be able to use the space and limits the availability of the facility. Repeated late cancellations and no-shows may restrict your ability to hire the venue in the future.  


TIQ Europe may cancel a booking if: 

  • TIQ Europe becomes aware that the event proposed to be held, or provided on behalf of yourselves are objectionable, dangerous, infringes any copyright, is prohibited by law, or would be detrimental to Agent-General for Queensland and the TIQ Europe community. 

  • Repairs or alterations to the venue are required. 

  • In the event of an emergency TIQ Europe may cancel an event booking without notice. 

  • Should TIQ Europe require the facility for their own use. 


You agree under these Terms and Conditions to accept cancellations as outlined above and waives the right to make any claim by law or in equity for loss or damage in consequence thereof. 



If you require carpark access, arrangements must be made at least 5 working days in advance to ensure access will be available, and loading bay access is subject to approval and availability.  Height restriction is 2 metres and Width restriction is 2.7 metres. 


Level One and TIQ Europe does not provide catering, but we are happy to supply a list of preferred caterers/suppliers however, if you use a caterer, it will be your responsibility to ensure that they have a valid food safety certificate and they provide their own glassware, crockery, and cutlery. Alcohol can be consumed but must not be sold, and no person is to benefit from the sale or supply.  



We can reassure you that we follow Government and NHS guidelines, found here;  https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/. However, if either you, a family member, or a close working colleague have been in contact with somebody who is suspected to have the virus, please contact us to cancel and re-arrange your booking.  


Any damage is to be reported immediately to the levelone@tiq.qld.gov.au and the Level One Administrators. 



If you are arranging deliveries for your event, please provide written advice to the LevelOne@tiq.qld.gov.au, with a list of items, contact details and name of supplier and the delivery date and time Items may only be delivered on the day of the event and must be collected by the following morning after the event.  However, with limited storage space at Queensland House, we cannot always guarantee that this is possible. 



  • Evacuation plans can be found at each main entry/exit to the venue. 

  • You are responsible for familiarising yourselves with the evacuation plans and procedures and identifying them to participants. 

  • You are responsible for familiarising yourselves with the location of the firefighting equipment and identifying them to participants. 



Level One @ Queensland House may be booked between the hours of 9:00am to 17:00pm All events are to finish by 17.00pm prompt, this includes all guests vacatingany pack down, clean up or AV bump out, to be undertaken prior to 17:00pm. The booking contact must be onsite to manage all visitors and supplier/s. Eventmay be held outside of these hours with prior written agreement from TIQ Europe and are at the discretion of Level One Administrators.  



You shall be liable for and will indemnify the venue for any claims, loss, damage or injury to any person or property arising from the use of the venue. 


  • All emergency services, management representatives and venue employees have the right to access any or all parts of the venue at any time. 

  • The confirmation of your booking is on the basis that you accept full responsibility for activities undertaken within the facility, and for ensuring acceptable risk management assessments and good practices are carried out. 

  • At all times, you are to observe and practice general safety, so as not to cause injury/damage to guests, attendees, or workers. 

  • At no time does the facility accept any responsibility for security/control or safetydamage or loss of your personal property. 

  • You will comply in every respect with the regulations relating to public buildings and overcrowding, obstruction of passages, corridors and emergency entry/exit points. Any person causing an offence against such regulations shall be at risk of being removed from the building. 



Building management do not permit event posters or directional notices to be put up on the walls or in the lifts. Small A-frames and pull-up signage are permitted on the day of your booking and should be positioned safely so as not to cause a trip hazard.  



Smoking is prohibited in the facility and building; this includes the use of vapes or e-cigarettes You must ensure that all participants in Level One comply with this condition. Smoking is permitted 15 metres externally of Queensland House, on the Strand or iSouthampton Street, and to exclude the use of the Car Park 



  • Booking approvals remain at the discretion of the Agent-General for Queensland or TIQ Europe and its representatives.  

  • The offices shall not be used for any illegal or immoral purpose. 

  • All animals, except bona fide assistance dogs, are prohibited from entering Queensland House. 

  • A representative or agent from the TIQ Europe shall at all times have the right to access Level One, Queensland House for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the conditions of hire. 



Access for the Guest WiFi is displayed within Level One.  Usage on the network is monitored and logged for auditing purposes.