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Queensland has advantages that make it an ideal trading and investment partner, and an ideal environment to establish your new business or Asia-Pacific headquarters.

Queensland offers:

  • a resilient and stable economy underpinned by strong economic growth, which has exceeded Australia’s national average growth rate for the past 2 decades
  • proximity to the Asia-Pacific region, home to some of the world’s fastest growing markets
  • stable government and institutions
  • a business-friendly regulatory environment, including Australia’s lowest rate of payroll tax, competitive labour costs, streamlined development approvals, project facilitation processes, and strong private-sector investment
  • reliable and efficient infrastructure, including 6 international airports, nearly 200 regional airports, 20 ports along the coastline, and 8,250km of railway
  • a skilled, multilingual workforce
  • a good quality of life, with a world-class educational system and advanced health services
  • a range of government strategies, initiatives and incentives to encourage trade and investment in traditional and emerging industry sectors.

6 international airports, 200 regional airports, 20 ports and 8,250km of railway

Current priority sectors for trade and investment between Queensland and the UK/Europe include:

  • processed food
  • transport and logistics
  • coal and LNG
  • hydrogen
  • education and training
  • defence
  • mining and resources
  • advanced manufacturing
  • digital technologies
  • construction and infrastructure
  • life sciences
  • tourism
  • education
  • emerging and creative industries.

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