Queensland is well placed to leverage its clean, green image and reputation for high-tech, high-quality produce to enter the premium end of the Taiwanese agtech market.

As the world faces the challenge of feeding the global population, the need to apply technology to agriculture to improve sustainability, efficiency and productivity throughout the supply chain will increase.

In Taiwan, opportunities for Queensland businesses are linked to emerging technologies that can provide solutions to challenges posed by labour shortages, extreme weather patterns due to climate change and a shortage of farmland.

Opportunities for Queensland businesses in Taiwan’s agtech market is the latest of TIQ’s international market reports, which aim to uncover global opportunities and help Queensland businesses explore prospects in new markets.

Content includes:

  • Taiwan agtech industry profile
  • key trends, drivers and challenges
  • Taiwan’s agtech developments
  • local market procurement channels and market entry
  • Ceres Tag: a case study
  • opportunities for Queensland businesses
  • available government support.
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